Bagpipe music for weddings

August 25, 2015
Fred Payne, Champion Bagpiper

Piper Nathaniel Roberts

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Therefore, you're interested in having bagpipe music at your marriage... maybe you have thought about how or whenever? Check out suggestions right here on the best way to utilize a piper and what to anticipate.


-Outside the church or ceremony site as friends arrive;

-During the Processional when it comes to bride and/or the woman celebration;

-A unique choice sooner or later through the service, often during

the signing associated with the papers;

-During the Recessional -as the couple march out collectively;

-During the getting range and/or photographs following the service;

-While the few are entering their particular vehicle and departing.


-Outside the reception party as guests arrive;

-Entertain During Cocktail hr -often with Scottish Smallpipes;

-Pipe-in the couple or head table into reception party;

-Play the few's very first party;

-Playing party music and choices as requested by guests.

Prior to the Ceremony - this is really a good time to have the piper play. In the event that majority of the guests are expected to arrive within a short span of the time, say 15-20 minutes ahead of the ceremony begins, then a piper can be used rather effortlessly to greet them. Possess piper play an array of waltzes and slow marches off to the medial side, perhaps wandering round the front side measures if it is at a church, or down into the yard or treed area for outdoor settings.

The Processional - Pipers are very often expected to play all or a portion of the bridal processional, which could feature playing the moms and dads, flower girl(s), ring-bearer and bridesmaids, as well as for the bride herself. It really is great to own a few melodies consecutively if this is the scenario, with a rather grand and down-tempo piece to announce the bride's entry. If other songs can be obtained including one might find in a church environment, the bagpiper's processional are shared with, for example, that of an organist, pianist, or harpist. The pipes can even be played ensemble with a church's pipe-organ -this combo is very outstanding in fact. The piper can either lead the processional(s) by playing himself up the isle, in which he can find yourself standing to one side of the church or ceremonial web site (oftentimes to your far appropriate regarding the groomsmen), or they can sit nearby the back associated with the isle (chapel entry) while playing. Making use of the piper to march-in the groom along with his attendants is quite effective if various other bridal processional songs is advised.

Processional track suggestions: Lohengrin's marriage March (by Wagner), Mairi's marriage, path on Isles, Those Endearing younger Charms.

During provider -During the signing for the sign-up could be the perfect minute to relax and play a contemplative melody or pastoral environment. If you're thinking about commisioning a your very own unique piece simply for your wedding ceremony, this would be a great minute to debut it.

In-service tune recommendations: Highland Cathedral, Mrs Joy Cairns, MacCrimmon's Sweetheart, Rose of Kelvingrove.

The Recessional -This are at the termination of the ceremony as soon as the piper will both lead the few and attendants back off the isle, or play all of them down the isle through the back of the chapel or ceremonial website. The songs at the moment must certanly be vibrant, brisk and delighted sounding.

Recessional track suggestions: Highland Wedding, Train Journey North, Clumsy Lover, Let's Have a Ceilidh.

Following the Ceremony - The piper can still play not in the church or ceremonial web site as friends tend to be exiting. The playing can go on for approximately 15-20 moments while waiting around for the receiving range to perform, or while photographs are being taken. When the pictures tend to be finished plus the rice is thrown, the bagpiper can begin to play a quick and lively track whilst few comes into the limousine. In the event that reception has been held in an alternate area, the piper can play while the visitors are making when it comes to reception. If but the piper is expected to relax and play when it comes to arrival of the visitors at reception, he can want to keep immediately after the service to reach on reception place prior to the friends.
Cocktail Hour - Cocktail hours, which are usually void of real time entertainment, can be a great time for bagpipes to-be played. Note: The Scottish Small-Pipes are the ideal choice for smaller reception halls and personal outdoor settings. A single piper can easily mix into the space and offer music for the friends.At the Reception - there are various other prime moments throughout the reception for a bagpiper to relax and play. The most typical and proper using a piper at the reception is always to announce the arrival for the main wedding party and pipeline all of them in. A fast music flourish before the speeches, or simply before the cake-cutting may also be a fantastic attention getter. If the piper is sharing the activity with another band or a D.J., they can play for several minutes before the change-over. They can in addition play through the various other musical organization's or D.J.'s pauses (usually a customary 15 minutes). Unless there is a particular set of tunes required, the piper should curently have a number of units of tunes which they know well and plan to play. However, if you are doing have unique tunes that you would like played, or need the piper become combined with another musician, eg an organist or harpist, it is advisable to discuss this really before the function to help make preparations.

The Couple's First Dance -One of the most extremely remarkable and anticipated occasions of wedding ceremony is the couples first party. Well-tuned and great-sounding bagpipes is going to make it an unforgettable moment. Again, if you should be considering commissioning a written just for your special celebration, this would be a sensational time to hear it for the first time, otherwise here are some favourites:

First Dance tune recommendations: Loch Lomand,


Most weddings tend to be formal affairs with all the bride putting on a bridal gown plus the groom a tuxedo or early morning layer. In most cases the Black "Prince Charlie" jacket is suitable. Whenever reserving a marriage, it is important to have a notable idea of the way the marriage party is likely to be dressed. This, besides the genre of music to-be played, assists figure out which of a few clothes the piper should put on. If groom and bride are using casual but dressy attire, a day-wear (casual) Scottish outfit is usually used unless required usually. Often the wedding is wholly informal (usually in an all natural outside environment such as a beach). On such occasions (especially in hot weather), a straightforward muslin 'peasant-style' or brief sleeve dress clothing utilizing the kilt and daywear add-ons suffices.

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