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August 26, 2016
San Antonio Pipes and Drums A

Known as Junior bagpipe bands in united states, and understood in the united kingdom as Juvenile bagpipe bands, childhood oriented Scottish songs programs usually for bagpipe and drum are far more and more difficult to acquire. The Sir James McDonald pipeline band is found in Portland Oregon. This childhood program is concentrated upon advertising superiority when you look at the Scottish music arts. The trainers informally call it the youngsters pipe musical organization and support the energy by playing with the pipers and drummers on occassion as well as donating their particular regular musical organization instruction time.

Pipers FOR EXTRAORDINARY ENTERTAINMENT at your occasion, employ the pipers and drummers of the Sir James McDonald Pipe Band. Their songs tends to make a memorable contribution to virtually any personal or community occasion, and wherever people love high quality music of Scotland’s nationwide instrument.

Wearing genuine Highland gown, the boys and girls will show an application to accommodate any occasion. The band is showcased at social and arts celebrations, college activities, media occasions, golf tournaments, banquets, memorial solutions, business annual meetings, conventions, company events and picnics, chapel services, neighborhood fairs and parades, at family members gatherings of kinds.

Employing the band supports younger artists that are striving to reach individual and group targets while perpetuating pipe musical organization songs for generations to come.

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bagpipe band
bagpipe band
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